Our Founder

Ayesha Bell

Ayesha Bell is a young social entrepreneur & founder and managing partner of AIRR Clothing, a pioneering sustainable, ethical and Fair Trade fashion retailer with a mission to provide customers with beautiful, responsibly sourced clothing and accessories. Ayesha has turned her passions; Sustainability, Fair Trade, fashion and business into a successful ethical social business and was recently awarded "Young Business Person of 2015" by the Derbyshire Times.

Ayesha is becoming a well-noted mentor to new ethical brands and start out businesses and is expanding into becoming a spokesperson giving advice to college and university students on how they can set up and run a successful social business and become the next generation of young entrepreneurs. 


The environmental and social impact of buying a non-ethical, cheap, fast produced t-shirt, dress, shoes etc is something that we should all be concerned about. It is an industry that keeps the world's poor and most vulnerable living in poverty and unsafe conditions, whilst damaging our precious environment, killing resources that one day will run out. 

Buying ethically produced fashion you are supporting a positive movement, no matter how small or large, a £20 t-shirt or a £200 bag - is supporting safe, sustainable, ethical and fair production. One that doesn't risk the lives of farmers or artisans and loose traditional hand skills which have been passed down in generations. One which doesn't use harmful chemicals killing our environment, forcing farmers into financial crisis and also potentially risking our skin by wearing something that has used something toxic. 

Supporting ethical fashion is saying no to fast produced clothing and standing up to other retailers, saying enough is enough. We care about who and how our clothes are made.

Our Team - Olivia

In between her passion for art, Livvy has worked at AIRR since 2011. Originally trained at Falmouth College of Art (now University College Cornwall), University of  Derby, and just recently completing an MA in Fine Art at Sheffield Hallam University; Livvy is one of our in store customers sales advisor and is also our marketing and online whizz - anything work design based is Livvy's dream!

Livvy brings a smile to everyone she meets (and usually a giggle or two!) And is usually heard demanding coffee and chocolate from our "General Boss Lady," Ayesha. She grew up in Northampton and moved to Wirksworth with her husband and two children 6 years ago. She loves all things art, design, fair and ethical and holidaying with her family in Barbados where her husbands family live.

Our Team - Jo

Jo is a smiley, friendly, open and relaxed person and is always will to help any whenever she can. Jo started working for AIRR in September 2013 as an in store customers sales advisor and our "Admin Lady."

Jo is the one who keeps a track of all things paperwork related within the business and has become Ayesha's right arm when it comes to all admin.  Jo was lucky to grow up in the wonderful Wirksworth community and went through all the local schools before heading to college to study. Jo has three children, two boys and a girl. She loves spending time with her husband and children, as well as the rest of her family and friends and going away on holidays together.  

Our Team - Jen

Jen has a welcoming, friendly and relaxed personality who has a great sense of humour and is the first to put anyone at ease. Jen joined the team in May 2015 as customer sales advisor and our social media expert. Putting her past career and experience to use, Jen knows all the latest trends and styles and loves helping ladies revitalise their wardrobe and outfits.

Jen comes from a background in fashion and textiles where she studied printed textiles and surface pattern at university. After leaving uni, Jen moved to London to work as a freelance textile designer and stylist and also spent some time working for Cath Kitson - right at the beginning when she had just started out and had two shops! Jen has one son and suffers from a serious allergy which lead her into leading a completely eco and organic life of clothes, cleaning products and food, which combined with her fashion experience - makes her a perfect match for our AIRR team. Jen loves spending time with her son, partner and friends and meeting up socialising, especially at Vinyl Night in the local pub!