About Us

AIRR was born out of a frustration with the "mass market" fashion industry of what was being promoted and churned out season after season. 

With the effects of the global fashion industry widely known, we wanted to stand against this and promote a sustainable and ethical way of buying. 

AIRR has built a lifestyle collection of brands from across the sustainable and ethical marketplace promoting sustainable fabrics, ethical production and processes, good quality timeless pieces that mean they support the "more pennies per wear," rather than the mass fashion landfill problem where 350,000 tonnes of clothing worth £140m is binned annually in the UK alone. 

We support countless organisations, artisans and organic farming methods that generate sustainable livelihoods and support the future of our environment. The products we choose use traditional non-GM farming methods - without toxic chemicals, pesticides and use of seeds that that can be propagated and also utilities and cherish traditional artisan craft skills that may otherwise be lost. 

Our brands must have strong ethical credentials. This means that in turn, you're buying and supporting Fair Trade and an ethical way of production and life. Not only does this feel fantastic in the beautiful garments that are available but also, you are doing the world a favour. Having beautiful, soft, organic, fairly produced products is possible and it's our mission to provide all this for you. 

You can be happy knowing you are shopping consciously and supporting a positive movement.