Top 5 Reasons Why You Should Wear a Swimsuit

Top 5 Reasons Why You Should Wear a Swimsuit

1. Because you can

Everyone has a body and the opportunity to be at the beach. They make swimsuits in all shapes and sizes. Of course, buy one that you feel comfortable in!

2. Inspire others!

Maybe there is someone else where you are visiting that is feeling the same way as you. You never know when they see you confidently wearing a swimsuit, even though you might not have that perfect “bikini body”, they will think better of themselves. It’s an idea. Keep inspiring.

3. No one really cares!

No one cares. And if they do that is their problem, not yours. When you are at the beach and/or pool you should be having such a great time that you aren’t worried about who should or shouldn’t be in a swimsuit. You should not really care what people think of you. Life is just far too short!

4. You will be cooler…

This means you can spend more time outside with your friends and family, which is the whole point of going to the beach, pool and holiday.

5. Tomorrow you will be older. Wear a swimsuit while you are young. 

No matter how old you are, next time you go to the beach or pool you will be older. That’s just life! Remember when you thought you were fat in school and you were not? The same thing applies now. Whether you have to lose weight, you likely view yourself bigger than you actually are. Next year you will look back and say, I wish I had just worn the swimsuit. End that cycle now and do things now!


Image: Ethan Robertson-unsplash