12 Best Plus Size Brand Bras

12 Best Plus Size Brand Bras

Lingerie in larger sizes can be super-stylish, as well as supportive.

To ensure you are wearing a correctly sized bra, it is a good idea to be measured in-store at least once a year. Contraception, pregnancy and the menopause can all affect breast size.

When trying on a bra, make sure the wires at the side of the breast are flat on the rib cage, not digging into the breast.

Here are the top 12 bras recommended for Plus Size.

1. Marcie Bra

2. Panache Sports Moulded Bra

3. Fantasie T-shirt Bra

4. Freya Utopia White Longline Bra

5. Freya Deco Strapless Bra

6. Bravissimo Sophia Bra

7. Debenhams Gorgeous DD+ Non-Padded T-Shirt bra

8. Miss Mandalay Paige Raspberry & Peace Balconette Bra

9. Limited Collection 2-Pack Large Spotted Non-Padded Balcony Bra

10. Elomi Carmen Plunge Bra

11. Masquerade Rhea Bandeau Bra

12. Royce Impact Free Sports Bra


Image: Barry Fitzsimmons-unsplash